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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital perm?
Digital Perm involves chemical treatments and a digitally controlled heating process.  It thermally reconditions your hair, leaving it smooth and shiny.

How long does the process take?
It normally takes approximately 3 hours, depending on your hair condition, length and density. Your hair may have to be cut beforehand so that it can create nicer and cleaner waves.

How long does the wave/curls last?
This depends on the condition of your hair and the style that you want to achieve.  If the hair condition is good then it normally would last around 3 to 6 months.  Sometimes it can last up to a year.

Does a digital perm work on bleached hair?
We don’t recommend doing it on bleached hair.  By using a solution for highly damaged hair, it is possible to do it but the results will not be as nice or as good as unbleached hair.  It will have a rough texture after digital perm.

Is it suitable for short hair?
Digital perm is normally suitable for medium to long hair. If there is not enough length, the digital perm will not be able to create very big waves.

Does a it give extra volume from the roots?

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